We are curators of thoughtful interior design.

"I wish we had lived in this house the way it looks now, the whole time we lived here"

As interior designers for our sister company Create Expectations, this is the most common feedback we hear from our clients. When an owner’s house is transformed for sale, they are able to visualise and feel how they want their next house to look: a styled, thoughtful and tasteful environment that makes them feel good.

The team behind Create Expectations, Melbourne’s top property design specialists, Kim and Leah Hallis created Create & Co. to help people realise their own design aesthetic. Create & Co. is an online interior design store offering thoughtful and bespoke décor for your home. The items we use to style properties for sale, we now offer to you through our carefully curated website.

Unique And Personal Atmosphere

We believe that your home or environment reflects how you feel when you are in it. We help our clients style their homes to echo their own unique and personal atmosphere, in a way that is easy and accessible to everyone.

Faces behind the selection

Kim and Leah Hallis are the mother and daughter team behind Create & Co.

Mother daughter duo, Kim and Leah Hallis have been at the for front of property styling for over two decades at Create Expectations.

“The nicest compliment you can get is when your client walks back into their home and falls back in love with it. We have had so many clients asking us where we get our products from over the years that it felt like a natural progression to curate our own range and share it with you”

The concept of Create & Co. Interiors is to share our industry knowledge by crafting Design Stories to make styling your home as easy as clicking a button. Working with beautiful local and international products, each item has been hand picked to create a range that is not only aesthetically divine, but quality strong.

Kim started Create Expectations Property Presentation in 1997, after opening iconic Malvern homewares store Crate Expectations.. (she has a way with words!) Joining her in 2005, Leah brought her own style and creative approach to the business.

“We have really different styles, but they seem to complement each other and create a unique methodology” Kim and Leah love what they do, and that passion and devotion is evident in their Design.

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