Ready to be an art collector? Let’s begin.

How do you start an art collection, what do you look for and how do you find it? Leah Hallis, Director of Create&Co tells us how it is done.
I started my collection through travel. Everywhere I go, I buy something that reminds me of that place and time in my life, however since we aren’t yet able to travel as freely as we might like, there are other ways to start collecting art that is accessible and affordable:

Go Regional.

Head out to art fairs and local galleries in rural and regional towns and start your collection by supporting regional communities and the great art available. For harder to reach rural regions, there are some wonderful resources like online store @buyfromthebush, showcasing rural makers and artists like the incredible equine photographer @calicopony. Finally, we love the work of Lizzy Stageman - a contemporary Aboriginal artist - born and raised on Wiradjuri land.


Get to the market

Camberwell market – you can find some amazing pieces by rummaging through the stalls. In some cases, you might need to ignore the frames and matting on the piece and imagine how it would look with a different frame, some varnish or new glass. Take your new piece of artistic expression to a few framers to get the best quote.


Art doesn’t just hang on walls

Create a versatile style by mixing interesting methods. Art is not just canvases hung on walls, consider these mediums:

  • Fornisetti plates that are hung in groups on walls
  • Sconces like these are unusual and striking
  • Anya Pesk Sculpted plastic.
  • Consider ceramics like those crafted by C&C favourite, Nadia Roberts
  • Analog collages like these are a mix of old and new
  • Wall hangings - we recently used a piece by Anthea Lindquist aka woman_weaver in a styling job that absolutely drew eyes to it as soon as someone walked into the room.

Supporting emerging artists

Instagram is a great tool for researching local artists and going to small local art shows in the city are a great way to pick up something you love at a reasonable price. End of year university student showcases are also wonderful places to source inspiration; the level of work is incredible (and you might just pick yourself up a piece by the next Banksy) you might just stumble upon an artistic asset. The arts took a huge hit during 2020, and many students were unable to complete studies in the usual manner, let’s support the creative community to come back strong in 2021.


A photo tells a thousand words

We used to have photo albums, take the roll of film to the chemist (which seems quite strange looking back) and capture our moments in time in a book. Now, we lose a lot of those memories due to the technology being so much faster and more freely available. Consider large scale printing your favourite photos and framing them for the walls of your home.  
My greatest advice for Melbournians or those visiting Melbourne, look no further than our own fascinating national gallery, the NGV.


Need more inspiration?

Artist we love:
Galleries we always love working with when we style those high-end homes:


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