PRODUCTS WITH PURPOSE ~ Diana Connell, Ceramicist

Create & Co. Creative Director Leah Hallis first met Diana Connell at the Vinnies CEO Sleep Out in 2021, where Diana delivered a keynote about her experience as a victim of domestic violence, and the impact it had on her life.

Diana is a fierce advocate for survivors, and offers a very real and inspirational story of her lived experience escaping the circumstances so many women find themselves in. Vinnies created a beautiful video about Diana's story, you can watch it below:

In partnership with Create & Co. Diana has created a bespoke range of hand thrown ceramics, for us to share with our community as part of our Products With Purpose range. 100% of the profits from these gorgeous ceramics will fo to Emerge - a centre that supports women and children who have experienced family violence, empowering them to rebuild their lives.

DC Ceramics Studio was founded in early 2021 by Diana who had a vision to create bespoke ceramics. Located in Melbourne's West she designs a range of functional, handcrafted earthenware, stoneware and porcelain ceramics from her studio.

For more information, please visit Diana's website or check out her Instagram page here

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