At home with the Designer ~ JAMIE ASHKAR ~ Viktoria & Woods

Tell us about the aesthetic and design of your home?

"I would say 'eclectic minimalism'... My personal aesthetic is very monochromatic and clean, a uniform approach to everyday dressing. However, with interiors I’m more adventurous, I love the juxtaposition of soft vs. hard with a focus on textural clashes. Colour occasionally makes an appearance, calculated and with purpose. Trends come and go but my approach has always remained the same, step back and edit then edit some more".


 What makes your home unique to you? 

"What I have learnt over the years of living in some amazing homes, both here in Melbourne and back in Sydney, is that what makes your home unique is what you bring to it - and how you work the space. I have been lucky enough to curate a handful of pieces I have taken to every property. One of these pieces is my dining table, a multifaceted series of 6 triangles, made of Natural oak, sitting on almost wire like powder coated legs. This table transforms into a variety of shapes, including a hexagon. It allows the table setting for dinner parties to be mixed up and interesting".  


What artists and designers do you love?

"One artist that I’ve drawn inspiration from is Robert Morris, a conceptual artist, a minimalist. One of his works that I love is his “mirror plate, glass and wood” installation, basically a series of four mirrored cubes that reflect form and light.

I love the work of Richard Serra, a sculptor and an architect known for his large-scale sculptures. I love his approach to clean lines and abstract shapes.

Jil Sander would have to be one of my favourite fashion brands". 


How did you get started in the industry?

"I initially studied and worked in interior design. I moved into fashion though the TV show Project Runway, and after the show I completely immersed myself in the industry with my own brand. The show was an amazing experience and allowed me to connect with a lot of super talented people that I’m still friends with today. I’m often told how frustrating I am to watch reality TV with, as I can see right through the producers and their tactics!  I am very lucky to be doing what I love. It is a passion that I get to enjoy every day.


How does Australian design rate on the global scale?

"I think we are defiantly being watched. The international market love Australian brands and we are constantly seeing that with demand on luxury online and bricks and mortar stores.

Our brands are quintessentially Australian and lifestyle based and I think the international consumer loves and relates to that".


What is your top design tip?

"Collect over time and if you get that instant love at first sight sensation… sleep on it! Impulse purchases can be a total regret that you can be stuck with. Make sure you absolutely love whatever you’re introducing into your home. It’s a reflection of your personality, your story, and a consistent stimulus towards your happiness. Curating and investing in a good base, whether it’s a chic black blazer and a perfectly trailered pant -or a statement armchair and an artwork you love. It’s important to have strength in the base to build on".


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