At Home with the Artist ~ Will Hartl, Photographer

Will Hartl is a Melbourne born portrait and lifestyle photographer based in Sydney.

Known for blending the realms of commercial and lifestyle through his sensibility of light, he is also a delight to work with and talk to. Cutting his teeth at Rip Curl HQ in the design department and working his way up to shooting brands such as Vogue Spain, Adidas, Universal Music, NSW Government and Uber, Will’s folio is both expansive and impressive.

Our Creative Director Leah Hallis caught up with @Will_Hartl over zoom to discuss who he turns to for inspiration, his relationship to creativity, and balancing work with the responsibility of parenthood. 

What we love about Will's work is that it celebrates the character and colour of Australian life. Living in Bondi, Will’s candid shots of his local neighbourhood frequently make us feel lucky to live in such a beautiful country. Often shooting what it feels like, rather than what it looks like gives his work a natural authenticity and emotional connection.

Oh, and for those wanting some serious wedding inspo, you can head over to (and lose hours doing so) Will’s wedding folio from all over the world at This Day Forward Weddings


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