6 Design & Styling Trends to watch out for in 2021

In this crazy new world we find ourselves in, there is still room for beauty and connection: designing your home to reflect your own unique personality, history and creativity; that is budget and environmentally friendly.

2021 has already delivered some curveballs with Lockdown 3.0, but we can move forward and boost the vibe and energy of our workplaces and our homes, not to mention lift your homes resale value!

Here are 6 ways we think work beautifully:

Mix it up: Old & New

Your home is like a scrap book of your life; artwork you bought on holiday and trips, your Grandmothers good china, your book collection from the last 20 years. Use antique and historical artefacts but opt for ones that show plenty of texture and grain. Worn in and warm, pick quality upcycled pieces to litter throughout your space. Check out pre-loved websites, second-hand boutiques, auction houses and country antique houses – this way you are being environmentally minded. In Melbourne, look no further than auction house Leonard Joel. We have some great markets too, so be sure to check out Chapel St and Smith St Bazaars as well as the famous Camberwell market.

Calm Outdoor Spaces

Whether you have a patio, a balcony or a back yard, updating your outdoor spaces adds value to your home. Think about incorporating comfortable seating, plenty of outdoor cushions and interesting lighting like a fire pit or fairy lights.

Greenery is important; consider colourful pots (you can paint your own) and a variety of plants that thrive outside. Consider levels: wall planters, hanging pots as well as ground-based greenery. Planting a variety of plants or herbs such as Lavender, Rosemary and Thyme will give your space a gentle scent. 

Bold Colours

Jewel colours, such as blues, greens, yellows, and warmer tones such as rust and mustard will be the leaders in 2021.

According to The Pantone Colour of the Year, the two colours to consider are Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. Chosen for their union, these two would make excellent choices for artwork or even a bold feature wall or painted room.

Handmade Textures

After 2020, we can all appreciate homemade and handmade crafts and creations. Therefor we will see a high regard for all things bespoke, custom and handmade in 2021 with a focus on natural materials. As a way of contrast, 2021 will focus on creative authenticity rather than perfection of years gone by! Rustic wood, tactile wool, coarse stone and linen will be in vogue, but try layering these textures with tonal cushions and blankets for homely feel.

Home Office Sanctuaries

Remote working and death by Zoom meeting mean that we need to create workspaces that support our wellbeing. Whether you have converted a 3rd bedroom or an alcove into a workspace, make sure it is a place that makes you feel creative and connected to your work.

Local Art & Designers

Now, more than ever we need to support our local artisans. Most people know someone who is a painter, a sculptor or even a candle maker – buy their wares, share them on your social channels. We feel passionately that you don’t need to pay to import pieces from international brands, as we have so many amazing designers and creators right on our doorstep.

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