5 ways to add ambience & warmth to your space

The temperature is starting to drop here in Melbourne, the leaves are starting to change into stunning Autumnal colours heralding the darker, cooler months to come. Feeling warm and cosy in your home is a must, and we have put together some non-structural additions that are going to add not only financial value (if you are selling your property) but value to how you enjoy your spaces.

Carpets and rugs:

A simple rule: to make a space feel bigger, lighten the colour of your carpet. Depending on the architecture of your home, contemporary homes go for a tight loop pile carpet and if you have a more traditional Edwardian house consider a plush carpet.

Here are three key places where a rug elevates a space:

1) Underneath your sofa, arm chairs and table. Rugs help with heat and temperature control, noise and the way you feel in a room. Don’t be afraid of circle rugs either!

2) For houses that have floorboards, look to place a rug under the bottom half of the bed, this helps the room to feel cosy. Beneficial too as your feet will hit the rug on the floor in the morning, not cold floor boards – especially coming into winter.

3) Place a rug under the dinner table if you have tiles and floorboards, this creates a vignette style space tied in with colour and warmth. Cow hide rugs are amazing because they are incredibly easy to clean (especially if you have little ones).

Feature walls:

Feature walls were very popular in the 90’s (remember the set of Friends? Purples and mustards and stroke textures, oh dear!) and now we are seeing a resurgence of this trend. This year is all about olives and jewel colours, maroons and deep tones. Choose something that is going to look great with art on top of it; you need to break a feature wall up by placing large scale art or using plants in corners.

Feature Fireplaces:

The same goes for painting detailing like picture rails, window sills and architraves – and fireplaces. You see a lot of fireplaces in Edwardian homes in particular that have been painted over for sale. The key here is to be led by the architecture when choosing your colours, take into consideration not just the room but the whole house both inside and out. We tend to go with dark monument colours with fireplaces (think semi-gloss black or charcoal) if the room can take it, otherwise sticking to high-gloss white is always a winner. There are non-painted options as well; consider a fireplace frame in marble which will transform your room entirely (and your bank account!).


We cannot live without plants in our styling toolbox! The three indoor plants you need in your life are: 1) Devils Ivy 2) Monstera and 3) Fiddle Leaf - you cannot go wrong with these three plants, fill your spaces and place them at different levels to create depth and height.


The wrong lighting can be really disconcerting for some people (We are definitely those people!). A really easy thing to do is replace your globes with 40 watt warm globes as opposed to cool LED globes, this will dramatically change the room and especially at night, low lighting allows your nervous system to prepare for sleep.

Need help with figuring out how to reconstruct your space to make you feel cozy? Get in touch with us here. 

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