• PRODUCTS WITH PURPOSE ~ Soul Fire Wellness

    PRODUCTS WITH PURPOSE ~ Soul Fire Wellness

    Soul Fire Wellness was founded by Kimberli-Jean Fourro - a proud Torres Strait / Zenadth Kes woman based in QLD - with the purpose of creating meaningful products with natural ingredients that are not only beautiful, but firmly connected to community, culture and country.
  • At Home with the Artist ~ Will Hartl, Photographer

    At Home with the Artist ~ Will Hartl, Photographer

    Will Hartl is a Melbourne born portrait and lifestyle photographer based in Sydney. Known for blending the realms of commercial and lifestyle through his sensibility of light, he is also a delight to work with and talk to. Cutting his teeth at Rip Curl HQ in the design department and working his way up to shooting brands such as Vogue Spain, Adidas, Universal Music, NSW...


    2022 kicks off with a clear purpose for Create & Co. Interiors - to bring to market beautiful products with a social consciousness, that give our community the opportunity to give back.  Our first product is the ancient and beautiful Syrian sourced Alepp soap, which gives back to the support of asylum seekers in Australia. Here Create & Co. Interiors director Leah Hallis hears...
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